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The 4th generation of the VVING maintains its shorter wingspan,
one of the strengths that has contributed to the popularity of the V3
among riders. The newly introduced optional carbon boom guarantees
that the V4 will quickly become a favorite among freeriders and

Similar to its high aspect wing counterpart, the Aura 2, the V4
incorporates the innovative KPE 165 fabric on the leading edge’s front
section to enhance stiffness. The canopy is crafted from premium
Teijin Techno Force fabric, ensuring significantly higher resistance to
stretching and increased durability.

The wingtip of the V4 is notably slimmer than that of its predecessor,
resulting in reduced mass. This alteration positively impacts handling
and balance. Additionally, this design offers some flexibility, providing
advantages during pumping and enhancing comfort, particularly in
gusty conditions.

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