The wing SUP is the best way to start wing foiling in Fuerteventura. Using a comfortable hard SUP board will allow you to find a better balance. You’ll learn the basics and perform your first tacks with the wing.
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At first, you will play with your wing on the beach, learning how to hold it, flip it, get into the riding position and feel its power. 
After this quick wing introduction, we will move to the wing SUP on nice flat water with light to medium wind. You will use a big SUP board with a central fin to prevent drifting downwind.
Practicing with a SUP will optimize your learning curve and make it fun. You will learn how to stand up with the wing, and sail in both directions as well as upwind.
1 person / 70 euros / hour
100€ 1 1/2 hrs  / 120€ 2 hrs
2 persons / 50 euros / hour / per person
We suggest a minimum of a 2-hour lesson if you're a beginner.
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