Takuma Wing Ride III Review

August 23, 2021

The new Takuma WRIII is available in 7 sizes and 5 colors. There are 2 handles on the sizes 2.6m to 4.5m and 3 handles on 5m and 6m.
The wrist leash is included, the velcro closing leash is like a surf leash.
The handles are wide, helping every rider to find their best position; 2 or 3 big handles make the Takuma wing lighter.
In the beginning, they seem to be a bit hard but after in the water, the feeling is better.
There is a double hose connection between the leading edge and strut, which helps to inflate/deflate the wing. The big main valve (max flow) makes the inflation and deflation faster, this valve is used for a few years.
The triple ripstop canopy has a good tension which delivers good power in front and in the center of the wing. There is more tension canopy comparing to others wings.
You feel good traction when you sheet-in, ON/OFF feeling. The solid frame is an asset in gusty conditions. Low end and performance are its advantages.
Wingtips are soft (small diameter) to help every touch on the water.
The surf feels super good with the Wing Ride in the neutral position.
This wing has a good value comparing to some others wings in the market.

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