Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands, the second-largest island after Tenerife. All year long, the weather is temperate, favorable for watersports; it’s an eternal spring. 
To get there: a 4- or 5-hour flight from mainland Europe to Puerto del Rosario’s airport. We are located in Corralejo, on the north shore of the island, a mere 30 min drive from the capital.
The neighboring island of Lanzarote also has an international airport and it’s an easy 30 min ferry from Corralejo.
During the winter, temperatures are around 15-22 degrees Celsius compared to 20-28 degrees during the summer.
From May to August, the wind conditions are ideal for wind dependent watersports, with only small swells. The winter period provides good surfing conditions with less wind and better waves. Wing foiling is usually possible all year long.
Corralejo Bay ( Waikiki Beach )

The Corralejo Bay (north of Fuerteventura) is a great spot to learn and improve your wing foiling skills. In the summer, the wind will blow northwest/north, side shore, or side onshore between 10 and 25 knots. It’s a sandy beach but the entry in the water is through a small reef. In the winter, some small-medium […]

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Matas Blancas

Located in the North of Costa Calma (Fuerteventura), Matas Blancas is a perfect freestyle spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing. The wind is offshore, the water is mega flat! Don’t forget to check the conditions with the local school.

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South of Costa Calma, the spot is on Sotavento Beach. This is a huge beach with a lagoon depending on the tide. It’s a world-class spot known for hosting windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions.The thermic wind blowing between the mountains provides a strong and gusty offshore wind. You could also find some small shore breaks.Don’t forget […]

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Cotillo Piedra Playa

Located in the north of Costa Calma, Matas Blancas is a perfect freestyle spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing. The wind is offshore, the water is super calm! Don’t forget to check the forecasts and conditions with the local school.

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Flag Beach

Located in the northeast of Fuerteventura, 2 minutes from downtown Corralejo, Flag Beach is the main kitesurf spot on the north shore. To practice kitesurf, windsurf, wing foil in the best conditions possible, the wind should be northwest/north, which usually occurs from April to August. For beginners and intermediate levels, make sure to check beforehand […]

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Takuma Wing Ride III Review

The new Takuma WRIII is available in 7 sizes and 5 colors. There are 2 handles on the sizes 2.6m to 4.5m and 3 handles on 5m and 6m.The wrist leash is included, the velcro closing leash is like a surf leash.The handles are wide, helping every rider to find their best position; 2 or […]

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